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Basically, for you to join the Idaho Army Guard School, you must meet the physical and mental requirements. You also must have the drive to tackle the impossible obstacles that come your way, and that is why you need to meet the Guard’s weight and height requirements. As covered here, the Guard is all about teamwork and discipline. If you think you are physically and mentally fit enough, then you are eligible to join the Idaho Army Guard School.
Here are some mandatory requirements for the Idaho Army Guard School:

Must be U.S citizen or reside permanently in the U.S….

Basic Training Essentials

Here is a checklist of all the essentials that you will need at BCT. Make sure you pack them in one medium-sized gym bag.
What to Bring

Casual clothing for 2 days
3 pairs of underwear for men (white)
Athletic supporter (men)
1 pair of comfy shoes
Running shoes
Shower shoes
6 pairs of calf-length athletic socks (white)
Eyeglass band (for those who wear eyeglasses)

Personal items for women include 1 full slip, pantyhose, 3 pairs of underwear and 3 bras. The bras and underwear should…

How to Join

Complete a Contact Form
Getting started is very simple! Just fill out a contact form and a recruiter will answer your questions.
Take an Eligibility Test
Once they give you a go signal, you will take an Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Test so that you know which job suits you best.
Now it’s time to know your enlistment timeline and verify your Guard job and pay. You will then take an Oath of Enlistment.
Prepare for Basic Training
As you wait to ship out, we will require you to attend the Recruit Sustainment …

Idaho Army Guard History

The Idaho Army Guard School has been part of the U.S. military since it was established in 1903. The Idaho Army Guard was formed to transform civilians to be confident soldiers by training them to protect American citizens from aggressive attacks. We offer military training to our recruits as they continue with their education or even hold their civilian jobs in their home state.
This, therefore, means more time at home for the soldiers so that they can be near their families while attending the monthly training and two-week annual training.
As the Idaho Army Guard, our mission is …

Military Uniforms

An Overview Of Combat Wound Management

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Security Guard Training
Military Uniforms

How to Create a Security Guard Training Program

In many places, security guards are treated as people with a bad reputation. Even in movies, characters who play the role of a security guard are portrayed as not smart or lazy. According to Bloggers need, The general perception about them is that they are people with no great value to society.
However, this is just a lie. Security guards have to endure tough times in their line of duty. They are tasked with the responsibility of preventing crime and protecting human life. They are, therefore, critical workers in any nation.
Security Guards …

How to Join