Cell Phone Use During Army Basic Training

The military has always been known to have staunch rules. Almost everything about it inside is kept a secret, and they were able to maintain that successfully, partly because of the rules they have put on communication to the outside world. There is not much phone calls, billigste mobilabonnement 2019 and other things like that.

During the early years, when technology wasn’t as well-known as it is now, soldiers’ form of communication was through letters. They and their loved ones would have to wait for days, weeks, and even months just to get an update from each other.

Fortunately, after some time, payphones were allowed, and for basic military trainees, this is, of course, great news. The drawback, however, was that they would have to line up and wait for their turn to have a ten to thirty-minute call to their loved ones.

Now, trainees are allowed to carry their personal phones inside, given that they follow all guidelines on cell phone use during army basic training.

Remove All Inappropriate Photographs and/or Videos

Trainees are allowed to have their mobile phones inside, but before going in, they should remove all photos or videos, or both, that contain inappropriate images. When we say inappropriate, we mean images that can be deemed pornographic. If you think about it, the military screams the word duty, and looking at or watching pornographic photos and videos don’t really include that.

Sign A Policy Agreement

Upon entering, phones will most probably be inspected to see if, in fact, all pornographic contents are erased. However, this isn’t the only rule military training has where cell phone use is concerned. This is why recruits have to sign an agreement about the military’s policy on cell phone use during the basic training. This ensures that it’s clear to recruits what they should and shouldn’t do with their phone and what they can and can’t do during the time that they do have their personal phones. Punishments and/or effects of any rule breaking in regard to this policy might also be stated in the agreement.

Strictly Phone Calls – No Sending of Texts, Photos or Videos

Although this rule may differ among platoons, most military training platoons do not allow the exchange of texts, photos, and videos. This might be because whatever happens inside is confidential, and photos and videos put that confidentiality at risk. It might be a good idea for recruits to change their mobile plans to something that is relatively cheaper since they won’t be able to use all the features of their mobile phones once inside.

Usage of Cell Phone Is Determined by The Sergeant

Yes, personal phones are allowed, but it doesn’t mean that recruits can carry their phones with them 24/7. Their cell phones would stay with their drill sergeant, and they will only be allowed to use their phones if their drill sergeant feels that they have earned the privilege of calling their loved ones while they’re in the camp. Cell phones are often given to recruits every Sunday for a short period.

What About the Recruits Who Don’t Have Cell Phones?

If this is the case, recruits are, of course, still allowed to use the payphone to call their loved ones outside.

These policies are in accordance with the abilities of the device. If the device, or technology, changes, policies might also change to keep the balance.

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