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As protectors of their nation, soldiers do really deserve to wear only the best military uniforms. And, even if they are off-duty, they can still achieve that formidable military look with custom t-shirts. With custom t shirts, they can look civilian and, at the same time, still retain that great military physique.

The greatness of any nation is maintained through the service and sacrifice of its soldiers. Men in military uniforms are not only heroes of war but also the true heroes of life. Their duty is to protect the nation from all forms of destruction. And, even if it will cost them their lives, they will still choose to offer their service to their nations.

Indeed, military men are people of great valor. And, when they in are in their military uniforms, they are even more dignified and respectable to look at. Military uniforms are not without significance. They are a symbol of power, bravery, and allegiance. Thus, military uniforms of every nation are tailored in great detail because the way they’re being designed has a great bearing to their nation’s greatness.

So, check out these military uniforms from around the world and you’ll surely be amazed by their peculiarity.


In Scotland, their military men wear a skirt-like bottom wear, a design they anchored on their national costume for men which they call as Kilt. If you’ll look closely on it, it surely is not the typical army uniform that you commonly see soldiers from other countries are wearing.  Yet, despite its unconventional design, Scottish soldiers march proudly in this army uniform since the Kilt is part of their national heritage, and they surely take pride in incorporating it in their military uniform.

Vatican City

Being home to the Pope, Vatican City certainly has his own army responsible for keeping him safe and secure all the time. The Pope’s army is officially known as the Pontifical Swiss Guard, and they are easily noticed and remembered through their military uniform. The Swiss Guard’s’ uniform are brightly colored, making it look so fancy and attractive. Its color combination consists of red, yellow, blue, and orange shades. Complimented by its white collar and gloves, this military uniform certainly looks royal.


The most known military uniform to civilians is the combat uniform. It has a jungle camouflaged design that makes it known as the “Jungle Dress”. With such a design, this military uniform is perfect to disguise the soldier from the enemy during combat. During the winter season, it’s accompanied by a jacket or a sweater to ensure protection to the soldier all throughout the cold season.


Although not having much of considerable military power, the Brazilian army still looks very admirable and graceful in its military uniform. The headgear adds so much vigor to the overall uniform because of the vividness of its color and the intricateness of its design.

By wearing military uniforms, soldiers from around the world are not only differentiated from one other. Military uniforms embody soldiers’ selfless values and duties to the nation they pledge their allegiance to.

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