CBD Oil Accepted in the Military

The legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana in more and more states within recent years has paved the way for the rapid growth of the marijuana industry. Now, marijuana and products containing compounds and substances derived from the plant are being sold in more and more locations, to an audience that grows more varied every day.


Marijuana and related products containing derived substances, such as hemp, THC, and CBD oil, were once used only within the medical community; but, now, these products are being used across vastly different fields such as recreation, sports, and even the military. However, these developments are fairly new, and there are still restrictions to be considered and questions to be answered. One of these questions includes: is CBD Oil accepted in the military?


Before diving into answers and explanations, let us first cover some basic ground. What exactly is CBD oil? CBD Oil is a kind of oil that contains CBD, or cannabidiol. which is a cannabinoid that can be found in cannabis. What separates CBD from marijuana is the fact that it does it is non-hallucinogenic. CBD oil and all CBD products are well known for containing negligible amounts of THC, which means that these products will not give its user any kind of ‘high.’ CBD and CBD products are incredibly popular because they produce no psychoactive side effects, but still managing to provide the benefits that any form of THC-containing cannabis product can give. CBD products, specifically CBD oil, are used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and ailments such as epilepsy and even depression. In addition, they help fight inflammation.


Now, you might be thinking this: if CBD use is completely safe and side-effect-free, why is its usage questionable, especially in the military? The answer isn’t entirely simple, however a large part of it can be attributed to conflicting laws; because the legalization of marijuana and marijuana products is still in its early stages, the manufacturers and consumers of these products still have to be wary of the laws surrounding usage and trade of substances related to marijuana, especially federal laws.

Despite this, many veterans have come forward to support the usage of CBD products, specifically CBD oil, in treating ailments that are common among military workers, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and high blood pressure. Many have stated that because CBD contains no THC, which is a substance that the military does consider illicit, its usage is entirely justifiable and legal. As long as the CBD-containing product can be proven to have zero traces of THC, its usage is legal within military law. However, war veterans voicing support for CBD products such as CBD oil also caution people of ensuring that the chemicals they’re putting into their body are proven to be safe. CBD Oil is completely organic and occurs naturally in nature. Equally natural methods are used to extract it and bottle it up, which provides minimal, if any at all, health risks for users.

CBD oil is not an illicit substance as long as it contains zero traces of THC, which means that its usage is justifiable. However, whether or not it is culturally accepted within the military is a question that will need a few more years of development and studies to answer with a definitive yes.

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