Marching Basics

While people often see fictional characters saving the towns people from villains on television shows, militaries are often seen as the unsung heroes in real life. Oftentimes, people see them as people executing synchronized positions, but knowing about the rationale behind their training will certainly make everyone respect them even more. This role in real life is played by Home tutors in Singapore and other educational institutes.

Most people may be unaware of the circumstance, but militaries are often seen as the unsung heroes in a country with their utmost dedication in serving the country despite putting their own lives on the line for the sake of the innocent townspeople. Tutoring and disciplining them the ways of military life is crucial for their overall performance in protecting the innocent and survival.

Hence, one form of discipline in military training is learning the marching basics. It may sound simple for the majority, but executing such movement is mandated and necessary upon entering the military life.

Forward March

Hearing this command requires you to step forward from a halt. To execute this type of march, you need to step first from your left foot with a 30-inch step as measured from heel to heel then touch on your heel first on the ground.

Apart from your leg, your arm must also be swung opposite to the leg that’s being stepped off: the left leg is coordinated with the right arm forward, while the right leg is paired with your left arm. Your hands must be cupped with your thumbs facing down while letting your arms hang straight without making it look stiff.

The measurement of your arm swing must be 9 inches to the front as measured from the back of the hand to the front of your thigh, then 6 inches to the back which is measured from the front of the hand to the back of the thigh.

Mark Time

Another basic march command in military training is mark time. This command requires you to march in place without stepping forward. Upon hearing your commander shouting “mark time, march”, you immediately execute the order by raising and putting down your left leg first then the next.

Just like a forward march, your leg must also be coordinated with an arm swing. This movement is more or less the same with the forward march, except that you’re marching without moving from where you stand.

Half Step

Hearing this order from your commander requires you to do one more 30-inch step followed by a 15-inch step that’s measured from heel-to-heel in quick time. Just like the first two commands mentioned, this command requires you to have a coordinated arm swing.

This command is executed continuously until the commander says “halt” or “forward march”.

Column Left/Right March

The moment your commander orders this command, you are to pivot 90 degrees to your left or right depending on which direction your commander demands you to face without the arm swing. After pivoting, step off a 30-inch step then continue with the arm swing.

Each member of the fourth element marches straight to the estimated pivot point established by the person in front and executes the same movement as the lead person or also known as the element leader.


Knowing that the military dedicated their lives in protecting the innocent and serving their country, they undergo intense training for them to be prepared at all costs. Tutoring the military with the basic marching steps is one way of disciplining them in order to ensure that they’ll exactly follow what the commander commands them to do.

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