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Space Clean Through the Military

The military is well known for its strict and organized schedules. Cleaning is no different- the beds should have tight corners, cleaning floors are done with toothbrushes, etc. The efficiency is ruthless, and the shine is glorious.

If you want a detailed guide, you could look floorcleaningtools but here we will discuss the four-step method that will help you save time cleaning and make your home pass even the most rigorous inspections.

Step 1: Every Day Is a Cleaning Day

Make sure you do some cleaning every day, even if it is a little. Make each day, a day to clean, so that dirt does not accumulate in your area. If your home is kept pretty clean during the week, there wouldn’t be much cleaning to be done by the end of the week, and you’ll only need major cleaning days twice a month.

This tip was given by Paul DiCesare, who used to be the US staff sergeant in the Air force. Today, he is ShareJokey’s CEO. He expresses that although it may feel daunting to clean showers and bathrooms daily, a routine will go a long way, and soon enough it will become an easy habit to do.

Step 2: Make Your Simple Cleaning System

Make your cleaning system and stick to it. Robert Streit, the third officer and Chief Warrant of the US Army advises that the system you make should be simple and basic, to avoid over-cleaning.

Over-cleaning may ruin finishes and waste your cleaning materials. It can also wear out the sealer around the tub if you excessively scrub it with a brush.

A simple and basic but also effective system is done with the appropriate cleaners that will help save energy and time.

It is efficient to create a list of the things you plan to clean every day.

Include things such as:

·         Shower walls

·         Kitchen sinks

·         Picking up things around the house

·         One laundry load

·         Putting everything in the correct drawers after use

Step 3: Everything Must Have a Home

Everything must have a designated space and be returned there after use. Each coat needs a hanger and so on.

This method will prevent disorganization and clutter and allow your home to run more smoothly.

Step 4: Keep Your Cleaning Tools Close

Your tools for cleaning must always be stored in a place that you can reach very easily. It will save you time when you feel the need to clean.

Sergeant DiCesare created a company for cleaning based on this step, called ShareJockey. It is a company that has the primary focus of cleaning efficiently, thoroughly, and quickly. They clean apartments, rooms, condos, and Airbnb homes with a military-style backpack and contains all the necessary equipment needed to clean the place in less than an hour.

Not everyone can own a military-style backpack; however, a bin can be kept in your bathroom and under your sink in the kitchen that contains all your cleaning tools. There should be wash rags, hand towels, kitchen cleaners, brushes, and other necessary cleaning tools. The same goes for your bedroom.

This 4-step method works for the military; who knows, it will also work for you if you just adhere to the disciplines and regulations set on the military way of cleaning. You’ll be grateful at the end of the week when the result of your hard work is very easily seen.

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