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It has become challenging to find a job nowadays. According to, military professionals have an advantage in finding jobs as compared to civilians. They only need to know where to search for jobs and how they should present themselves.

  • Have a target

You need to determine the various job positions you are interested in based on the knowledge and skills you possess. For example, in 2017, the military times gave a list of multiple companies that employ veterans. The list can be of benefit to you in Determining what you want. You don’t have to choose a job that is in line with what you studied in the military. Some courses such as paralegal, military and medical careers can easily earn you a job in the civilian sector.

  • Don’t give up on uncle Sam

When searching for employment, ensure you keep checking for government jobs. Thus, you need to be checking the federal government USA jobs website. The federal government usually prefer employing veterans as compared to civilians. Government jobs have various benefits tied to them. It is also very easy to earn a second retirement when employed by the government, and you will end up having a government pension as well as a military pension.

  • Location is everything

One is allowed to move anywhere he wishes after his military service ends. USAA came up with a list of where veterans can look for jobs when their military service ends and establish themselves. The military will always train you on how to relocate to new places and establish yourself. Thus, when looking for jobs, you need to way the cost of living, climatic conditions and crime rates so that you can search for employment in some of the best places and establish yourself.

  • Preparation is key

When looking for a job, proper planning is essential. Departments of veterans’ affairs usually offer assistance in resume writing through what is known as military one source. They also assist in job searching and interview skills, with no fees attached to it. The governments also offer this assistance in different locations. Therefore, you are advised to take advantage of these resources.

  • Use an understandable language

There are various acronyms attached to the military service. These acronyms are CC, CO, OIC, NCOIC, and LPO. Most employees may not know the meaning of these terms. Thus, you are advised to spell out these terms and explain yourself in an understandable language. However, you should not forget to outline the various duties you have carried out as a military officer.

  • Get an interview

Once you have considered all the above tips, you need to start sending your resume to various job sites. Ensure you fill the job application form with accurate information. However, if you decided to write your resume, ensure that it is perfect. Once you have applied for various job positions, you are likely to get job interviews. Ensure you buy a new shoe and suit for your interview. You are also advised to use a professional and polite language during the interview. Give truthful information, as well.

  • Do not panic

When you have already gone through the interview process and requested to take up a new job, do not panic demonstrate your skills and knowledge. Also, ensure you have enough savings to finance yourself for the first month.

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