Recliner Chair

1.         Adjusting the recliner tension

There are simple steps that you can follow to adjust recliner tension. Recliner tension refers to the easy leaning backward of the backrest. You will need to adjust the tension depending on the weight on the best recliner for back pain.

Tilt forward: Close the footrest and put the back of the recliner in the upright position and slowly tilt forward.

Check the adjustment mechanism: The adjustment mechanism is usually a nut or a thumbwheel located beneath the chair. Position them at the end of the bolt. The tension spring should also be properly connected.

Rotate the mechanism: Adjust thumb wheels to stabilize the reclining tension.

Test your adjustments: test your chair by sitting on it to see if the tension is stable or too stiff and adjust where necessary.

2.         Tension springs replacement

The tension springs must be replaced if they are not functioning properly. You should follow the steps below.

Turn over the recliner: This is done by moving the recliner forward to expose the frame located under the seat.

Find the attachment point: The attachment point is where the springs are attached.

Remove damaged or old springs using a pliers

Get strong replacement springs

Extend your springs: This is done by pulling the ends of the spring and then putting nickels.

Attach your springs: Pull the spring using pliers and attach it at one end of the frame.

Remove the nickels placed between the coils: lightly pull the nickels using a plier when you are sure that the spring is firmly fixed at both ends.

Test your recliner: Put your recliner in an upright position and sit on it to test the tension.

3.         Change the recliner pitch

The pitch refers to the height of the front of your recliner when you have closed it and it is in an upward position.

Sit on your recliner and assume an upright position: lean on the chair but do not recline. Adjust the pitch to your comfort.

Tilt the recliner forward: This is done to expose the underside of the chair.

Locate the cam bolt: You will need to find the cam bolt and adjust it to ensure the chair is firm.

Loosen your back bolt: use a wrench to loosen the cam bolt to allow easy swinging.

Remove the front bolt

Adjust the frame by moving it up and down.

Locate the slot mainly located at the front of the cam.

Fix the front bolt back: You can use a wrench to tighten.

Tighten the chair’s back bolts

Test the pitch: Test your recliner by sitting and assess whether the knees are at a right angle while the feet are touching the floor.

4.         Fix the recliner cable

If the recline is not moving as required, check the cable stop and adjust accordingly.


Recliners are designed to offer comfort and thus adjusting is important to realize the desired comfort. By just following the above steps, you can easily adjust your recliners instead of paying someone to do it.

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