Message Therapy among Military Personnel

Relaxing massages with leg compresson machine are one of the best rewards after a very long tiring and stressful weeks of work. The ambiance of massage therapy clinics does relieve not only the stress in the bones and muscles but also the anxiety of the person.

Since 1990, surveys, studies, and researches were conducted about relaxing massage therapy as part of complementary and alternative medicine for the provision of health care. However, most of these surveys only involve the civilians who are part of the working class. Military personnel, who are also working, and most of the time engaged in more tiring activities like passing through obstacle courses, daily jogging, and drills, are not included.

A survey was designed in 2013 to determine the factors that affect the seeking of complementary and alternative medicine among military personnel. The results were then compared with that of the civilians.

Around forty thousand military personnel were assumed to be the participants of the study and to be the representative of the entire population of the military personnel. It was also considered that they face health risks like the civilians, and there is additional stress due to their deployment on the battlefield. Thus, they are inferred to have a higher chance of seeking other alternative healthcare procedures for their good.

Their demographic profile was collected involving their health record in physical and mental, and some of the CAM identified therapies they engaged in for the last 12 months. Some of the CAM therapies identified were homeopathy, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, oriental medicine, herbal medicine, massage therapy, and others.

Here are some of the critical points of this survey:

  • It was unfortunate that the participants were lower compared to what was expected. This was due to the deployment of personnel during the time of conducting the survey. As a response to this, some statistical adjustments were made, assuring that the result will not be biased.
  • The therapy called “prayer for your health” was reported to be the most used. Next to it was massage therapy, with 14.1% of the respondents.
  • Compared to civilians, it was found out that military personnel engaged in massage therapy at a double rate.
  • Military leaders seek for studies on how massage therapy as a complementary and alternative medicine can aid in the needs of military personnel.
  • This survey may push insurance companies to add massage therapy in the health care benefits they offer in their plans.
  • More training for massage therapists would be given to improve the current services that they are providing. They can have specializations or new techniques to cope with the needs of patients, specifically our military personnel.

Whether you are civilian or military personnel, it is part of our nature to seek the best health care for our good. Relaxing massages and other therapy should be very accessible for everyone since the body deserves the best attention. Always remember to take good care of your body for our daily activities are possible because of it.

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