The Basic Combat Training will teach you the skills of how to become a better soldier in the Army Guard School. The training that takes place in 10 weeks involves physical and mental training. When preparing for the BCT, there is a lot that you need to know in terms of planning for your personal affairs and the things that you are required to carry. This will enable you to show up prepared and ready to become a Guard soldier.

Basic Training Phases

The Basic Training takes 10 weeks and includes three phases.

Phase 1 (Red Phase)

The red phase, also known as the Patriot Phase, runs from week 1 to week 3. The main aim of this phase is to teach you the fundamentals of soldering. This includes the Army’s values and traditions as well as assembling and disassembling M16. During the Red Phase, you will also go through several Army Physical Fitness Tests and guerilla exercises.

It is also in this phase that you will undergo most of the classroom training and learn about the crowd dispersion discipline and security. Basically, it emphasizes the principles of discipline and teamwork. It is also at this stage that barrack inspection is done.

Phase 2 (White Phase)

The White Phase, also referred to as the Gunfighter Phase or the Rifleman Phase, runs from weeks 4-5. The White Phase puts emphasis on physical fitness training and on weapons. It is all about marksmanship. During the white phase, you will learn how to identify, track and engage targets from different positions and distances. You will do more fitness and night training and even learn about rappelling the warrior tower.

Other things covered include Basic Rifle Marksmanship, hand-to-hand training and reading maps and compass. Now that you have the basics of the Army’s ethics, values, and traditions, you will get an opportunity to know more in these two weeks.

Phase 3 (Blue Phase)

The Blue Phase, also known as the Warrior Phase, is the final phase of Basic Combat Training. This Phase runs from weeks 6-9 and it focuses on developing your individual tactical training.

Within the three weeks, you will know convoy operations, military operations done in urban terrain, and how to engage targets as a team. There will be a continuous study of rifle marksmanship and the Army’s ethics and standards.

You will then be required to do an End of Cycle Test (EOCT) that includes 212 tasks that you must pass. Also, you must take the Army Physical Fitness Test so that you can graduate.

Graduation (Week 10)

This is the final week at BCT where you will meet with your family. When you graduate, you will move to the next phase of training known as the Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

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