Military Household Furnishings

For those who are just starting with the military lifestyle, it is a practical idea to blend that way of life into your abode for better safety. One way you can achieve this integration is by carefully considering furniture or household items that compliment a typical military lifestyle.

Check out the recommended tips to help you furnish your military household.

Be Selective When it Comes to Fragile Items

Generally, military families move every three years. If this transition applies to you, then it is best to opt for durable items. You might want to consider items made of thick crystals since they are more durable than the delicate and thin sort.

However, if you have fragile items in your collection such as glass carvings and chinaware, then it is best to leave the packing to professional movers.

Choose Furnishings that Compliment a Base Housing

Aside from moving from one place to another frequently, a common military family tends to reside in a base dwelling or rental as well. Since base housings are usually coated white or have a neutral pigment, less painting will likely occur. Therefore, your decor theme should mix well with this type of settlement.

When choosing furnishings for this specific place, wooden items like bookshelves and picture frames would be ideal. This way, you can paint the wooden objects with radiant hues, allowing them to stand out from the standard neutral colors surrounding the base housing.

Add Features to your Household Items

As a military wife, it is a good idea to design a piece of furniture for concealment of essential tools. This is a clever concept that you can adopt especially if you value the safety and security of your family.

Try looking for gun concealment furniture at the nearest showroom in your area or online.

There are even wooden furnishings with secret stashing that can be placed in any corner of your living room, blending into the surroundings while concealing your equipment.

Choose Space-Conserving Furnishings

One of the biggest challenges of having a military family is shifting from single-family homes areas to townhomes in high-end locations. Luckily, you can still bring all your furniture as long as those items do not take too much space.

For the most efficient transition, you can invest in household items like a sofa bed that you can place in the living room or guest room, end tables with drawers for additional storage, corner cabinets for displaying your chinaware, and laminated bookshelves that can be assembled and taken apart with ease.

Economic Wooden Collectibles

Whenever you want to sprinkle your interiors with a few captivating display items, go for the wooden sort. Aside from being cheap, wooden collectibles can also captivate the memories of your past, including where you used to live.

Donate Things That You No Longer Need

Since you will be moving a lot, it is only wise to donate things that you don’t need any more. Better yet, you can make an effort to give away any extra items to your fellow military families. This way, they might come up with several brilliant ideas on military household furnishings.


Whether you are just getting into military life or you are a seasoned military wife, you need to consider several things when buying household items or furniture. We hope that the above tips will help you furnish your military household effortlessly. Additionally, consider how frequently your family moves and how much storage you need when you stock up your inventory.

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