Military House Gardening

The Basic Steps in Military House Gardening

More often than not, military housing is very uniform and boring. The houses lack the appeal and colors that you have envisioned for your dream house. Good thing is that best soil for growing weed is available there. With a little creativity and a little more hard work, your lifeless backyard can be transformed into a sanctuary full of life.
Here are the basics steps to follow to make the most out of your military house yard:
Consider Your Location
It’s impossible to grow a sunflower in the Arctic…

The Military Style

The Military Style to Spring Cleaning

Spring is undoubtedly a splendid season. However, after you take in the refreshing breeze and sounds of the peaceful morning, you come to a realization—it’s time to clean quartz! Just like with many other chores, the most challenging obstacle can simply be getting started.
When you find yourself at a loss with the mess that is your home, look to our troops for inspiration. If the military is known for anything other than camaraderie and courage, it’s their knack for cleanliness.
Stick around, and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two to help …