The Military Style

Spring is undoubtedly a splendid season. However, after you take in the refreshing breeze and sounds of the peaceful morning, you come to a realization—it’s time to clean quartz! Just like with many other chores, the most challenging obstacle can simply be getting started.

When you find yourself at a loss with the mess that is your home, look to our troops for inspiration. If the military is known for anything other than camaraderie and courage, it’s their knack for cleanliness.

Stick around, and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two to help you get started!

Set a List

Whether it’s as general as “sweeping the floor” or as specific as “cleaning marble countertops,” it helps to have a to-do list to keep you on track. Spend some time thinking about what exactly it is that you need to do and write them down in a list.

That way, you won’t have to experience the dismay of realizing you needed to unpack a couple of boxes after you’ve already finished mopping the entire room. Organization is key to a job done well!

Prep the Tunes

Particularly for those who aren’t so keen on household chores, spring cleaning can be a tiring—if not tedious—task. Therefore, if you want to save yourself from boredom and enjoy things while you’re at it, try turning up the music!

After all, even the troops fall back on songs when they’re out tired and exhausted. Put your favorite playlist on, and you’ll be breezing through the cleaning job in no time!

Strength in Numbers

Soldiers know it best; getting a job done fast is easier when you have more hands-on-deck. If you’ve got some willing family members or roommates hanging around with nothing else to do, try and get them to help you out with the cleaning.

Here’s a pro-tip: kids can be a surprisingly helpful hand in these situations, you just have to make the task fun for them, and they’ll easily set their minds to it!

Throw Away the Throwaways

Clutter is the bane of every household. Everyone can admit to the fact that there’s probably a drawer, box, or closet somewhere in the house that houses things that nobody has even touched nor thought about in years.

If this rings any bells, consider getting rid of all that extra luggage. If you can, you should also donate it to the nearest shelter if it’s an item that can be of use to other people.

Set Some House Rules

Now, this one isn’t so much a tip on making your spring cleaning more efficient; it’s about making sure the next one won’t be so challenging.


Every minute spent organizing is not a minute wasted; it’s an hour earned. Try and set some house rules and discipline yourselves to leave less clutter around the house. It can even be ideas as simple as aiming to do a bit of cleaning once every week or so!

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