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204th Regional Training Institute

This Regiment is responsible to ensure that every soldier trained by our organization is afforded the highest quality training possible. Our training must adhere to the highest standards of established policy with an emphasis on realism and battle focus. We will utilize the best resources at our disposal to deliver a challenging and rewarding training experience. Graduates must leave our program with a sense of confidence and the knowledge, skills and abilities to accomplish their mission. Every member of this Regiment understands and accepts the principle that the successful completion of demanding and essential training is our highest priority. We remain dedicated to our students and their future success.


Provide individualized soldier training in support of The Army School System (TASS) leading to the successful completion of the assigned course material.


  1. Conduct professional education and training for 19 and 91 CMF Soldiers, OCS and WOCS
  2. Assess training and education effectiveness
  3. Enforce the Army QA program
  4. Implement Army Enterprise accreditation standards
  5. Force protection