Military House Gardening

The Basic Steps in Military House Gardening

More often than not, military housing is very uniform and boring. The houses lack the appeal and colors that you have envisioned for your dream house. Good thing is that best soil for growing weed is available there. With a little creativity and a little more hard work, your lifeless backyard can be transformed into a sanctuary full of life.
Here are the basics steps to follow to make the most out of your military house yard:
Consider Your Location
It’s impossible to grow a sunflower in the Arctic…

The Military Style

The Military Style to Spring Cleaning

Spring is undoubtedly a splendid season. However, after you take in the refreshing breeze and sounds of the peaceful morning, you come to a realization—it’s time to clean quartz! Just like with many other chores, the most challenging obstacle can simply be getting started.
When you find yourself at a loss with the mess that is your home, look to our troops for inspiration. If the military is known for anything other than camaraderie and courage, it’s their knack for cleanliness.
Stick around, and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two to help …

Military Diet

What You Should Know About the Military Diet

There are many healthy dieting plans like Meticore Scam review out there for various body types that only have two important goals: boosting metabolism and losing weight.
This article will discuss one particular diet surrounded by controversy due to its unscientifically backed-up claims – the Military Diet and the things you have to know about it.
Disclaimer: This diet is not affiliated with the military, nor do they endorse it. Other terms for this diet include the ice-cream diet (because you may be allowed to eat ice-cream during the days off), the army …

Military Household Furnishings

Top Tips for Military Household Furnishings

For those who are just starting with the military lifestyle, it is a practical idea to blend that way of life into your abode for better safety. One way you can achieve this integration is by carefully considering furniture or household items that compliment a typical military lifestyle.
Check out the recommended tips to help you furnish your military household.
Be Selective When it Comes to Fragile Items
Generally, military families move every three years. If this transition applies to you, then it is best to opt for durable items. You might want to …

Civilian Market

How Military Guns Get to the Civilian Market

In July 2014, the U.S. Army planned this list of briefing to instruct arms manufacturers about the specifications and design for the new standard guns. According to the plan, different gun makers would have to complete to get that lucrative contract to develop better weapons. That is weapons that are more reliable and powerful compared to those that were currently in use.
The scheduled upgrade was considered tardy since it was almost three decades since the Army began using the Beretta M9. Unfortunately, the Army previously encountered a challenge the last time they tried …


An Overview Of Combat Wound Management

There are irregularities o the skin that we want to get rid of. Some are shallow and happens on the outermost layer of the skin like dryness and discoloration. Other best drugstore toner are a bit bothering but can be handled properly such as pimples, warts, skin tags, and blisters.
However, there are certain situations where the skin damage can’t be easily masked by any of the beauty products you have. These are scars from wounds and surgeries of unwanted skin growth. They may be embarrassing but the only scar worthy to be proud of is the one caused by a combat wound…

Basic Combat Training

The Basic Combat Training will teach you the skills of how to become a better soldier in the Army Guard School. The training that takes place in 10 weeks involves physical and mental training. When preparing for the BCT, there is a lot that you need to know in terms of planning for your personal affairs and the things that you are required to carry. This will enable you to show up prepared and ready to become a Guard soldier.
Basic Training Phases
The Basic Training takes 10 weeks and includes three phases.
Phase 1 (Red Phase)
The red phase, also known as the Patriot Phase, runs from week 1 to week 3. The …

Basic Training Essentials

Here is a checklist of all the essentials that you will need at BCT. Make sure you pack them in one medium-sized gym bag.
What to Bring

Casual clothing for 2 days
3 pairs of underwear for men (white)
Athletic supporter (men)
1 pair of comfy shoes
Running shoes
Shower shoes
6 pairs of calf-length athletic socks (white)
Eyeglass band (for those who wear eyeglasses)

Personal items for women include 1 full slip, pantyhose, 3 pairs of underwear and 3 bras. The bras and underwear should be in black, white and beige colors. Do not …


Basically, for you to join the Army Guard School, you must meet the physical and mental requirements. You also must have the drive to tackle the impossible obstacles that come your way, and that is why you need to meet the Guard’s weight and height requirements. As covered here, the Guard is all about teamwork and discipline. If you think you are physically and mentally fit enough, then you are eligible to join the Army Guard School.
Here are some mandatory requirements for the Army Guard School:

Must be U.S citizen or reside permanently in the U.S.
Must be aged between 17-35 years old
High school …

Security Guard Training

How to Create a Security Guard Training Program

In many places, security guards are treated as people with a bad reputation. Even in movies, characters who play the role of a security guard are portrayed as not smart or lazy. According to Bloggers need, The general perception about them is that they are people with no great value to society.
However, this is just a lie. Security guards have to endure tough times in their line of duty. They are tasked with the responsibility of preventing crime and protecting human life. They are, therefore, critical workers in any nation.
Security Guards Training
Security guards have to …