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Military Programs and Benefits in the US

Military Programs and Benefits in the US

If you are in the military or a spouse of a military person, you have the chance to enjoy free or discounted services that help you live military life easily. The government gives its military service, men, women, and veterans, access to several valuable benefits like home insurance in 2019. Even the families and other dependents of the military members are afforded some benefits. The military and other federal agencies help them to manage life without many struggles.
Military Benefits
Military persons and their families get to …

Cell Phone Use During Army Basic Training

Cell Phone Use During Army Basic Training

The military has always been known to have staunch rules. Almost everything about it inside is kept a secret, and they were able to maintain that successfully, partly because of the rules they have put on communication to the outside world. There is not much phone calls, billigste mobilabonnement 2019 and other things like that.
During the early years, when technology wasn’t as well-known as it is now, soldiers’ form of communication was through letters. They and their loved ones would have to wait for…

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Before joining the Guard, your child needs to meet various physical qualifications in regard to weight, height and fitness level. If they meet these requirements, then they can handle the basic training.

By joining the Guard, you can be assured that we will offer education assistance to your child. Through our Support Center, we offer assistance in the administrative, financial and guidance aspect when they are planning for their college.

Yes, at Idaho Army Guard School, we deploy recruits who are college students. The best thing about the Guard service is that they can do training during their part-time.

Yes. Parents can communicate with their children via telephone, mail, and email. However, with the shortened training periods, our soldiers won’t have enough time to chat.

There are so many benefits that your child can get when serving as a Guard soldier. They will be able to benefit from career training, financial rewards and education assistance from the Guard. Better yet, the guard will help them hone their leadership skills and confidence.

With our administrative support and financial assistance, we believe that your child will find better college options.

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