First of all, ensure that you settle every personal affair at home before you report to the BCT. For instance, financial and legal matters should be set in order to be at peace when you leave home. If you need to make any payments like mortgage and rent, it is wise to pay them beforehand.

Childcare and custody should also be sorted ahead of time so as not to get distracted during training. If you are currently employed, it would be wise to tell your employer that you will be away for a while so that they can also make plans.

It is vital to know what to bring to BCT so that you don’t get some things impounded. Most importantly, we recommend our recruits to fit all their personal belongings in a medium-sized bag. Another important thing is to update your contact information including that of your family in case of an emergency. Additionally, we will give you a Family Support Group information that includes the resources and support we will accord to them. Therefore, as you prepare to go to BCT, you need to give them this FSG handout.

Last but not least, take some time to understand the communication rules so as to know how you will get in touch with your family. Basically, you are required to call them in a period of 72 hours after you reach the BCT. You are allowed to receive care packages or mail from them.